Lekker Adventures is now an accredited Member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA) in the UK. The TTA is part of the Travel Network Group, the UK’s largest consortia of travel businesses serving the independent travel sector. The TTA provides total financial protection for the customers of TTA Members’ in the event of a TTA Member’s financial failure.


The financial protection involves two aspects. Firstly, every TTA Member operates a Trust Account.

Every single penny received from a customer of the business must be deposited into the TTA

Member’s Trust Account. The Trust Account is supervised by an independent Trustee. Customers and Suppliers / Principals are immediately notified of Member failure. Suppliers are paid from the Trust Account enabling the customer to have his holiday as booked. Where this is not possible the customer is refunded money in full from the Trust Account.

Secondly, in addition to the Trust Account, every TTA Member will issue a Stand Alone Safe Seat Plan Guarantee to each passenger. This is a Guarantee from the TTA to the customer that the TTA will guarantee the financial obligation of its Members in the event of their fraud or dishonesty up to a maximum of £11,000 for any one passenger.

Therefore, the Trust Account and the Guarantee will ensure that all the money which a customer has paid is safely protected.

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