I love to eat food prepared on the streets when I travel I find it to be the most authentic and often the freshest food available (due to the quick turnover of prepared ingredients). I love to try new delicacies and get a real taste of the local cuisine. India is, in my opinion, the ultimate culinary experience. Everywhere you go you are bombarded with enticing aromas. The food is deliciously spicy and oh so varied. Luckily many items are sold in small portions- the idea being that one can walk down the street, stop at a vender for a “mouthful” of food, and then move onto the next for a completely different mouthful- like streets lined with tapas vendors. Difficult as it is for me to narrow down my favourites, I have included some “must-try’s” below:

Pani-puri or Goolgapa are delicious crispy fried batter shells filled with potato and chickpea spiced stuffing, and doused in tamarind chutney and flavoured water.

Aloo Tikka are spiced potato cakes served with chutneys (and often with chickpea curry).

Onion bhaji are delicious deep fried onion cakes sometimes eaten with a chutney dip. This is often eaten as an accompaniment to afternoon chai (tea).

Indian samosa are fried pastry stuffed with potato, onion, peas, lentils or any combination of these ingredients.

Gulab Jamun is a dessert made from milk solids and flour, fried and soaked in syrup infused with saffron. This sticky treat is delicious!


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