“We couldn’t find a travel company that created the trips we liked, so we saw a gap in the market and thought we’d take it.  Most luxury travel companies favour big resorts, and booking a trip with an adventure travel company usually means you end up slumming it. We wanted the best of both worlds: off-the-beaten-track travel in comfort!  We build unforgettable travel experiences, packed with adventure, to far flung destinations in comfort and style. We’re a travel team who takes care of all the ground work, taking the hassle out of planning a trip.  We use our trusted partners around the world to help access local knowledge and ensure an authentic experience” – Julia Fintz (Co-Founder of Lekker Adventures).

Lekker Adventures, a London based company, was founded by life-long friends Julia Fintz and Bernita Lewin, who have visited more than 70 countries between them. Lekker is South African slang for amazing or awesome, which Julia believes perfectly describes the trips they arrange.  They specialise in tailor-made holidays to suit their clients’ preferences in terms of interests, accommodation style and travel pace, and also offer a unique selection of small group trips for those who prefer to travel with other likeminded people.

Julia left a successful career in banking programme management in order to launch this company that she believes offers a unique solution to time strapped professionals who want to do something a little different with their time off.  Julia was recently featured in the London Sunday Times, in an article about Cambridge University Alumni.  She told journalist Carly Chynoweth, “I have no regrets about leaving the safety of the corporate world for the wider world of travel. Life’s too short. This is always what I’ve wanted to do. I’m absolutely passionate about unique travel experiences and my goal is to share this with as many people as possible!”

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