Botswana is one of the most popular destinations for tourists travelling to Africa. This country, located in the southern part of the continent, is home to more than 2 million people. It is a politically stable and prosperous country, which makes it a very popular place for tourists. Botswana travel packages are the best way to take in all that this country has to offer.

As in many African countries, seeing the diversity of the country’s wildlife is a popular activity. Botswana is home to many fascinating animals, including rhinos, elephants, and antelope. There are quite a few opportunities for tourists to get up close and personal with animals at the country’s many parks and wildlife reserves.

However, there is more to the country than just seeing wild animals in their native habitats. Here are some of the most exciting things to see and do on a trip to this fascinating and vibrant nation.


Visit the Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills are located in the north-western corner of the country and are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, meaning that they are of special cultural significance. This area has been inhabited for more than 20,000 years, and thousands of rock paintings and other artworks can be seen.

The hills are sacred to the local San people and are believed to be the birthplace of humanity. There are caves and archaeological sites to be visited where you can see art, tools, and other artefacts that have been excavated over the years. A local campsite provides a place to stay, and there is also a small museum.

Visit the Capital City of Gaborone

Gaborone is the largest city in the country, with a population of more than 230,000 people. The city has a vibrant cultural life and many fine restaurants and nightclubs. By visiting a local restaurant, you can sample the cuisine of the country, including Seswaa, the national dish of Botswana. This is a spicy beef or goat stew served over a porridge made from corn.

Many people first learn about Botswana by reading the novels of Alexander McCall Smith. His “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” mysteries are set in Gaborone. If you enjoy these novels, you can take a tour of the city and see many of the locations featured in the books, including the house on Zebra Drive where the main character lives.


Indulge in a trip to the Gcwihaba Caves

If you are an adventurous sort who is not claustrophobic, you may enjoy a trip to the Gcwihaba Caverns in the Kalahari Desert. It takes a bit of time to reach the caverns, but the trip will be worth it. These caves have many lengthy passageways filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave formations.

Guided tours of the caves are available, so make sure that you take advantage of the guides available. They provide a cool retreat from the heat of the desert and are home to many fascinating and unusual species of animal life.

Climb aboard a boat in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a sizable inland delta formed where the Okavango River flows into a low point in the land. Unlike many deltas, the water from the river never reaches an ocean or lake. Seasonal flooding produces the delta, which reaches its wettest point from June through August. This attracts a huge concentration of wildlife to the area.

By taking a traditional makoru (canoe) ride through the delta, you can see all of these animals in their natural habitat. Species that you may be able to see include buffalo, antelope, elephants, and hippos. Many birds live in the delta. These include the ostrich, the sacred ibis, and the African fish eagle.

Go on Safari

Of course, for many people the main reason to visit Botswana is to go on safari and see elephants, rhinos, and zebras. There are quite a few wildlife reserves and parks in the country where you can head out into the wilderness to see these animals up close. Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are two of the most popular.

With so many adventures to indulge in and so many sights to take in, more than one trip to Botswana might be needed so that you can see it all!

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