Whether you travel by land, by air or by pachyderm (in this case an elephant), Botswana will offer up its splendour in a myriad of ways and exceed your expectations at every dusty bushveld turn.  We take a wild stampede through the best modes of transport in one of Africa’s last wild wildernesses, Botswana. Let Lekker Adventures’ Botswana Travel Package take you there! 

Elephant-back safari Botswana

It must be one of the best ways to get around! Experience the majesty of sitting astride the monumental beast that is the African elephant amidst the beauty of one of nature’s splendours, the Okavango Delta. This silent mode of transport in Botswana will see the grey giants lead you into their habitat where you will experience a safari like no other. You’ll also have the chance to observe the elephants at length and interact with them which is a life-changing experience.  In addition to elephant back safaris, there is also the opportunity to walk with the herd.


Fly-in safari Botswana

Take flight and get an eagle-eyed view of one of the elephant herds trampling through the Chobe National Park, and the natural wonder that is the Okavango Delta. Tourists often opt to skip the rigmarole of road travel and fly to their destination direct. You can also enjoy an aerial safari in Botswana which is perfectly set to showcase the vast tracts of African bushveld and the picturesque landscape that Botswana consists of.  Smaller aircraft like Cessna’s are usually used when flitting over the Delta’s plains and channels. Be prepared to fly low and see the grazing red Lechwe (antelope) up close and personal.

Walking safari Botswana

Tiptoe into the wilderness, kneel in animal spoors and track a predator in its natural surroundings to get that up close and personal experience in the wilds of Botswana. Walking safaris in Botswana are a popular activity that can offer up some great game viewing. Although it is the slowest mode of transport in Botswana, slow is sometimes the best way to go, especially in Africa and whilst on holiday. Rest assured, when it comes to safety and walking safaris, Botswana has one of the best track records due to its national guiding standards for walking safari guides.

Horseback safari Botswana

Can you imagine galloping at full speed along the Okavango Delta on horseback, the wind in your hair? Your horse slows down to a trot and then stands still. You survey the savannah around you, the sounds of Africa fills your ears. For a great twist on a traditional walking safari, horseback safaris are a must-do. Okavango Delta safaris on horseback are best undertaken with experienced horses under the saddle, who understand the surprises the Delta can sometimes deliver. There is something arresting about galloping alongside other herbivores like Zebra or Giraffe at the same speed, negotiating the bushveld as one with the herd, an experience that can’t be beaten.

Botswana boat safari

Whether it’s by motor boat, traditional Botswana dugout Mokoro, from a house boat or on a bigger boat cruise, a Botswana boat safari offers a unique perspective of land based animals intersecting the Delta and the bushveld. The Okavango Delta is unique, as this oasis in the Kalahari desert has a myriad of rivers and deltas and makes travelling by boat so appealing.

Bicycle safari Botswana

Pedalling through the Botswana bushveld might not be everyone’s idea of a great time. This is for the upwardly mobile fitness buffs who relish the challenge of spotting the Big Five with the wind in their hair. As cycling holidays go, Botswana is among the top destinations for avid cyclists who also happen to be nature lovers. There are guided safaris on mountain bikes where a variety of different terrains are traversed from mountain range trails to single tracks in large wildlife reserves.  The quiet of the bush is one of the luxuries of bicycling through Botswana. This quiet allows for a very intimate experience of the veld. Follow in the tracks of elephants and keep your wits about you incase you bump into an elephant, but not to worry, your guide will warn you.


Experience the sights and sounds of Botswana. Lekker Adventures specialises in providing you with the complete travelling experience to Botswana. Click here to find out more about travelling to Botswana with the assistance of Lekker Adventures.

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