Expert tour operator Lekker Adventures is offering a 25% discount for any group or private tours to Namibia booked before end of February 2016, allowing you to see the best parts of this extraordinary country at a price that is hard to beat.

Lekker Adventures’s 9 day itinerary offers remarkable variety, taking you to the Etosha National Park, the charming seaside town of Swakopmund and the majestically haunting Namib Desert. Within just over a week, the itinerary offers the rare chance to fully immerse yourself in richly-varied wildlife, adventure sports activities, colourful history, soaring sand dunes and mystical canyons.
Each of the places on the itinerary has its own utterly unique appeal which will make the tour unforgettable.

After spending a night in Windhoek, adventurers travel to the Etosha National Park – far and away Namibia’s greatest wildlife destination. Revolving around a vast, mirage-inducing salt pan that is large enough to be seen from space, the Park is home to abundant populations of the Big Five, including some of Africa’s largest elephants. Be on the lookout for 109 other species of mammal and more than 340 bird species.

During the dry winter season, the Park is awash with white dust and wildlife congregates around waterholes, meaning that spotting of iconic species is virtually guaranteed. Summer rain sees the area burst into lush greenery, attracting a host of migratory birds and dispersing the wildlife over a wider area. At this time, you can view huge flocks of flamingos at the various pans throughout the reserve.

A precious jewel on Namibia’s coast, Swakopmund has a quaint and richly historical feel, while also being a centre for adventure. The palm-lined streets are packed with attractive colonial-era buildings, quirky coffee shops, colourful markets and entrancing little stores, giving you a snapshot of Namibia’s culture, past and present.
After visiting all the intriguing buildings and monuments, you can take a walk along the pretty main beach before heading into the dunes for everything from sandboarding and quad biking to hot air ballooning and skydiving.

Be mesmerised by the Namib
Stretching over a 81 000 km2 area, the ochre sands of the Namib Desert are the oldest in the world at an estimated 55 million years. The Sossusvlei area is home to some of the world’s highest sand dunes, with the tallest reaching more than 300 metres into the sky. Apart from its jaw-dropping landscapes, the Namib is home to beautiful oryx antelope and the bizarre Welwitschia plant, which can live for thousands of years in this harsh environment.botswana-bushmen

The Sesriem Canyon is another highlight, digging a deep, narrow gorge into the desert which creates a surreal setting to walk through.
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