‘You have to taste a culture to understand it’ Deborah Carter.

If food and travel are your passion, here are 5 countries to visit to satisfy your appetite. Lekker Adventures can tailor-make a Gourmet Getaway to suit your taste.



Perched at the crossroads between Italy, central Europe and the former Ottoman Empire, Croatia is a country with a complicated history—and a diverse culinary scene to match. Inland, you’ll find that central European fare dominates, with a focus on meats, cheeses, noodles, beer and fruit spirits. Visit Istria, a Croatian-Italian bilingual region that borders Italy and Slovenia, for a strong local food scene that makes the most of the region’s excellent products: look for seafood, olive oil, mushrooms, truffles and prosciutto, washed down with wine and spirit. Contact us to discuss your tailor-made culinary trip to Croatia or read more about Croatia on our website.



Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez… just the names of these cities stir a hint of spice in the nostrils. Morocco is a land so intrinsically beautiful and rich with heritage that the moment you step foot on it for your Moroccan cooking vacation you feel completely transported to another time. You can exorcise your shopping demons in some of the most colorful markets (souks) in the world, while you learn the incredibly rich cuisine of this small country during your hands-on cooking lessons on Moroccan cuisine. Only slightly larger than California, Morocco is a magical land of exquisite beauty and rich diversity! Check out our Fez Culinary Tour or our Marrakech Culinary Tour or read more about Morocco on our website.



When a country’s children name “chef” as one of their primary “when I grow up” occupations, you know it takes food seriously. Peru’s cuisine begins with the quality of its ingredients: abundant seafood, meats, and produce are found here, including many so-called superfoods that the world has only recently taken notice of, such as quinoa, amaranth, lucuma and maca. Combine this with its multicultural population—indigenous peoples plus immigrant Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more—and you get a thriving local food scene with regional variations that is just waiting to be explored by visitors. Contact us to discuss your tailor-made culinary trip to Peru or read more about Peru on our website.


Myanmar / Burma

This southeast Asian country bordering China, India, and Thailand is recently opening up to the world after long political isolation, and food lovers are flocking there to experience the local cuisine, a cousin to Thai or Vietnamese food but distinguished by local ingredients Westerners might identify as Indian or Chinese. “[Burma is] a touchstone place as it connects India with China,” said Naomi Duguid, author of cookbook Burma: Rivers of Flavor, in an interview with the Kingston Whig-Standard. “The flavor base is different than Thai or Vietnamese. You’ll get the same hot, sour, salty, sweet taste but the dishes are simple and the flavor quite distinctly its own.” Find out the recommended 7 things to eat in Myanmar, read more about Myanmar on our website or contact us to discuss your tailor-made trip to Myanmar.


South Africa

If you want world class food and wine in a breathtakingly beautiful setting, South Africa is your destination. South Africa has a hugely diverse culinary offering from award winning vineyards and wine routes in Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek to world famous restaurants like The Test Kitchen in Cape Town to local cuisine in township restaurants to uniquely South Africa delicacies like biltong, boerewors and koeksisters. Its a melting pot of tastes and cultures that’s not to be missed. Find out what 10 things to eat when visiting South AfricaContact us to discuss your tailor-made culinary trip to South Africa or read more about South Africa on our website.

We hope we’ve managed to whet your appetite! Contact us for a tailor-made gourmet itinerary, we would love to help! Bon Appetite.


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