Why Brazil?

With 5,000 miles of white-sand beaches, pristine rain forests, thundering waterfalls, a year round warm climate, vibrant music and dancing, baroque colonial towns and impressive cities, it’s no wonder Brazilians say ‘Deus e Brasileiro’ (God is Brazilian)!

Beautiful Brazil

What is Brazil Famous For?

  • Brazil’s passionate Carnaval
  • The mighty Amazon Jungle
  • Rio’s Corcovado Mountain, home to the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue

Corcovado Rio

Cuisine to try

  • Feijão preto (black beans served with meat and rice)
  • Churrascarias(barbequed meat)
  • Tacaca (Amazonian soup with shrimp)
  • Caipirinha, Brazil’s famous cocktail

Don’t miss

  • Views of Rio from Corcovado Mountain (home of Christ the Redeemer statue)
  • One of Brazil’s best preserved colonial towns, Paraty
  • The power and beauty of the majestic Iguaçu Falls
  • Rio’s famous festival, Carnaval, grandly celebrated in Rio, Salbador and Olinda

Brazil Carnaval

When to go

Brazil can be visited year round. The north of the country is always warm and humid and rainy season is from Jan to Apr. The coast down to Rio is generally warm and sunny with some rain in the summer months (Nov to Mar). South of Rio there are seasons, and the winter months Jul to Nov can be cool (down to 10C).

Brazilian Wildlife

Things to see

If you’re visiting Brazil, these are things you shouldn’t miss

  • Enjoy the vibrant and picturesque city of Rio
  • Visit Salvador to experience its vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture
  • Explore the colonial streets of Paraty
  • Enjoy the futuristic architecture of Oscar Niemeyer in the capital, Brazilia
  • Explore the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands and wildlife reserve
  • Witness the majestic Iguaçu Falls
  • Soak in the sun on a white-sand beach with a Caipirinha in hand
  • See fresh water dolphins and fish for piranha’s in the mighty Amazon Jungle

Copacabana Beach


If you’re looking for a bit of action, these are some of our favourite Brazilian activities

  • Go horseback riding in the Pantanal
  • Kayak through flooded forests in the Amazon
  • Learn to surf on the north east coast’s many palm-fringed beaches
  • Snorkel in crystal-clear rivers and coastal reefs
  • Take a boat ride in the basin of the mighty Iguaçu Falls
  • Learn to Samba or try your hand at Capoeira

Iguazu Falls

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