As well-seasoned travellers, we thought we’d share our Top 10 Tips to ensure you get the most out of your travels:

Eat local food. Think you already know what a Chicken Korma tastes like? You’re probably wrong. Make an effort to try all the different types of foods on offer when you travel, and find out about the ingredients from the locals. Our top tip: stick to vendors with big queues outside. For when it comes to eating out, speak to your Travel Consultant at Lekker Boutique Travel and they’ll be able to make the best recommendations.

Slow Down. Don’t attempt to cram 5 different countries into as many weeks. It’s near impossible to get the true feel of a place after just a few days. Taking more time to explore will likely lead you off the beaten track and open you up to meeting new people and trying activities that aren’t necessarily listed in your guidebook. We recommend leaving the planning and organising to us so that you can focus on making great memories.

Keep an Open Mind. Don’t judge the lifestyle of the locals you meet whilst you’re travelling, even if they are completely different to your own. Embrace a change of pace, routine, suggestions and interests. You don’t have to agree with all of them, but you may be surprised how much you learn from the experience.

Take Lots of Photos. You may only visit these places once in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you look like a classic “tourist”. Photos are completely free, easy to share with friends and family, and, more importantly, allow you to permanently store all the memories and experiences you build up. Top tips: Don’t forget to also enjoy the views with your own eyes, and don’t forget to back the photos up in case you lose or damage your camera!

Pack Earplugs. They will be a life saver when you have to try and sleep on noisy transport, block out crying babies, barking dogs, honking horns… the list goes on.Smile and Say Hello. If you’re having trouble interacting with the locals, consider whether it could be your body language that’s giving off the wrong signals. Often all it takes is a smile and a friendly ‘hello’ (in the local language, if you can) and the ice is broken.

Wake Up Early. Lots of interesting things happen just after sunrise. Watch the locals go about their morning routines, watch the town or city slowly rouse, and capture the best photos with the soft, morning light. Not to mention, the main attractions will likely be quiet first thing in the morning. We can help you organise your trip around your favourite activities.

Stash Extra Cash. In socks, under the insoles of your shoes and even sewn within a patch of your backpack always make good places. The last thing you want is to lose your wallet and be stranded with no means of getting to the nearest bank.

Get Lost on Purpose. Explore the authentic part of the country you’re visiting by purposely getting lost. It’s usually best to do this on foot. Ensure you write down the name and address of your hotel or resort before you leave, just in case you need to get a taxi back, and start walking in a certain direction. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Don’t forget your Travel Insurance. It may be the final point, but is arguably the most important one. Nobody expects to fall ill, get robbed or have an accident whilst on holiday or travelling, but it does happen. We can help advise on the best Travel Insurance for your specific trip.

We arrange tailor-made trips personally designed for each customer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can assist with your travel arrangements.

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Happy Travels

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