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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the world’s most sort after travel destinations! Be enamoured by the rolling landscapes, lush mountains and beautiful beaches. This country has something for everyone, be it the adrenaline junky or a traveller wanting to immerse themselves in the history and culture.


From Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking to wild safaris searching for the tree climbing lions, Uganda must be on your 2019 travel destination list. Walk in the beautiful Kibale forest and a visit to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda is teeming in wildlife and wonderous natural landscapes.  Get ready to be amazed by this hidden gem!


From war museums to attractive beaches; Vietnam is steeped in history. Enjoy shopping at the floating markets, or for the more adventurous take a vespa ride through the winding roads of My Son. After a busy adventurous day, take a walk on one of the stunning beaches at sunset which Vietnam has to offer!


Although Argentina is well known for its Tango, it has a lot more to be enjoyed than just the wonderful vibrant nightlife that exists. This amazing country also has a diverse landscape and large land area home to many national parks. So, will you put on your hiking boots or your stilettos?


Whether you are looking for snow-capped mountains in winter or jet skiing on the beautiful lakes in summer, Canada must be on your bucket list in 2019! Hit the slopes and bear the cold to stay up and discover the beauty of the Northern Lights. For the city lovers, visit Vancouver, the fast-paced city life is a world of its own.

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