When going on safari you never want to forget something whilst your miles out in the African bush, so we have gladly put together a list for you to pack.

  • Binoculars – to view those hard to see places.
  • Sunscreen – so you don’t go back looking like a lobster.
  • Hat – to ward off the Africa sun.
  • Clothing – Neutral coloured clothing. When going on cooler morning and evening safaris, make sure you take a long sleeve shirt or jumper with you as well as trousers. For a walking safari – take light weight clothing. For winter a beanie and thermal underwear are also recommended.
  • Shoes – preferably closed and suitable for hiking should you be taking a walking safari.
  • Camera – to take those memorable snap shots.
  • Insect repellant – to keep those pesky mosquitos away.
  • Flashlight
  • Identification books – for those mammal, avid birders, insect, flaura lovers.
  • Holiday journal – to memorise all the amazing things you have experienced in a country that is captivating.

If you’d like to discuss your travel plans, please contact your Lekker Boutique Travel expert.

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