Beach paradises, wild untamed open, fantastic landscapes and bustling cosmopolitan cities. Experience the true meaning of the word ‘remote’ in the Australian outback, or travel a coastline of over 50,000km and more beaches than any other country in the world. Discover the enigmatic Maori culture and the quirky wildlife of New Zealand, or relax on the soft sands and azure lagoons of the South Pacific islands.

These are a few of our favourite australasian experiences, please contact us to arrange your bespoke australasian holiday.


Vibrant cities, expansive deserts, beautiful coral reefs, dazzling forests and pristine beaches. Whether exploring the remote Outback, learning to dive, hiking through spectacular scenery, or sampling the famous wine, Australia’s warm weather and relaxed pace offers something for everyone.

New Zealand

You don’t have to be a dark lord or a hobbit to experience some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world – besides Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of The Rings”, New Zealand is also home to volcanoes, glaciers, geothermal activity, endless stretches of beach, and abundant wildlife and forests.

Fiji and the South Pacific Islands

Journey to one of the most remote destinations on the planet offers a truly inspirational array of land and water based activities which take in pristine landscapes and diverse culture? Your only challenge? Choosing which of the 30,000 stunning islands to visit!

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    What a fantastic trip! We dived the Great Barrier Reef and explored Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Thank you Lekker Adventures for the fantastic service. Our trip was exactly what we had hoped for.

    Douglas & Tom UK Australasia December 20, 2016

    I am such a big fan of 'Lord Of The Rings' and Lekker Adventures organised a holiday for me through the most amazing and awesome landscapes - backdrops of the actual movie! I loved visitng 'The Shire' and following the path of the 'Hobbits'. New Zealander's are very warm and welcoming and helped make this holiday the most inspiring, not to mention adventurous, trip I've ever had!

    Jenn SA New Zealand December 20, 2016

    New Zealand was amazing! Lekker Adventures organised everything, from the luxury accommodation, activities and even a trip to 'The Shire'. It is one of the most stunning places in the world - would definitely go back. Thanks Lekker Adventures for the holiday of a lifetime!

    Cassie CA New Zealand December 20, 2016

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