Middle East

Great rivers, mighty deserts and lush green landscapes surround some of the oldest cities on earth, also the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. From charming bazaars and coffee-shops to the kaleidoscopic waters of the Red Sea, a trip to the middle-east will touch your soul.

These are a few of our favourite middle eastern experiences, please contact us to arrange your bespoke middle east holiday.


A melting pot of different cultures, this small yet fascinating country has it all – historic sights, modern cities, a beach and café culture, natural wonders and much more. Why not float in the Red Sea or go sailing along the shores of Galilee.


From the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, from the mountains and red dunes of the Wadi Rum desert to the magnificence of ancient Petra, Jordan offers a fantastic mix of ancient cities, expansive desert and incredible diving and snorkelling. A must for any ‘bucket list’.


Visit one of the world’s most glamourous and futuristic cities where you can relax in luxury hotels and resorts, or go sand ski-ing, quad biking, out on the desert sands. From the architectural wonder of Burj Khalifa to the Palm Jumeirah Island – Dubai is unmissable.

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    Israel is a great destination and has something to offer for everyone. We loved the beach, nightlife, markets and food in Tel Aviv, and also really enjoyed seeing so much history first hand in places like Jerusalem and Caesarea. I also loved our few days in the desert and floating in the Dead Sea. It's a must see country.

    Lauren South Africa Israel December 20, 2016

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